A Happy New Year!

I made new clothes*Nekonomiya* and new hair~Air~16.
This work as the first of 2011 the japanses zodiac"rabbit"
to Kimono inspired dress.
& Lucky Board ~Air~16 nekonomiya#3 bunny ear.
All new stuff are 2F(map: the west-side inside).
Please use 2F Teleporter.

RedCat, WhiteCat, BlackCat, PinkCat.
(included hair bonus & broom)
The concept underlying most of the clothes are
I tried to mix elements, goth, maid,cat-ear,bunny-ear.

Creating the clothes on every time we want to have a
"Story". Rabbit Kimono+"猫乃宮"(God of the Cat).
I added Japanses style fantasy setting just a little bit.

*RedCat*&*PinkCat* is cuteness.
*WhiteCat* is a strong image of a shaman a dignified
image of the girl.
*BlackCat* that image is mysterious & demonic.
Included ~Air16~Nekonomiya#3.
In addition we are 2 type of sleeves kimono type
& dress type.
Please enjoy together with this one.



New Work *Winter's Tail 2010~11*

I made clothes*Villages2* and new hair.
New hair color White Night *白夜*&Mithran2 *漆黒*.
And 3Lucky board.
All New hair&clothes are 2f in store (map: The west-side)
Plz use up to 2F Teleporter.

Last year announced *villages* Chapter2.
I made 2 type design skirt.
One is *winter fashion Girl DOLL*
Other is the image of a carnival *elephant*.
Both design *the story of a small village somewhere* has been based.
The entire images is Girls active in summer and winter.
I want to create a sequel to summer 2011.


New work *LOve DuEL* & *Air*

*LOve DuEL*
A concept was the second chapter of the *CandyGirl*
released in the white day and partially this time treated a decoration
in a jacket boots and a shoulder by the chain shape and the

atmosphere of the chain from the whole body in the
motif of a jewel like last time.
The overall atmosphere seems stage *CosPlay* I think when only
a jacket coordinates by the whole body or can have only boots enjoy
the arrangement you like for customers only with a hat with a hair.

I think when you'd enjoy yourself according to the school festival
the live event the event events at a store and the scene a future season.

*New Hair*
A color of 5 hair new designs and additional collar "Chocola" .
A new color was added according to this release. This is *Chocolate Brown*
I'm thrusting at ~Air~10>>> ~Air~14 with "Extension" as a subtitle.
A plan has been changed a little with the former single item sale
and 3 hairstyles have been bundled in 1 package.
The form of the whole hairstyle is same and I have topped and
have changed bangs and a back style etc..
Feeling on the day fashion and the concept that you'll change it by T.P.O.
*~Air~ Extension * is bundled by the respective packages by service.
This is the one of the type equipped in an ear.and 2 types of
"braids" are here. It's also possible to change a hairstyle
into this according to the customer's feeling.

*Lucky Board *
It's a set of "Heart Chocola hair"
(a link made the *~Air~ Extension* fix on which by "Chocola" with the new color)
& "Nekoko Bra" & "short pants".
When being equipped directly in a surface with autumn's coming like time
already the meaning to stop exposure also set an undershirt under the Bra.
The type of "Nekoko Bra" includes 2 kinds.
Time-Out is 5 minutes so everyone can challenge at time.

All New clothes & Hair are installed in 2F.plz use up to 2F Teleporter.

お店は こちら♪
:::**Ray Skin**:::



BackPack *HoNey*

A new design of BackPack*HoNey* distributed in
:::**Ray Skin**::: *Garden* (lineage) was installed in store.
Each 1L$. It's an even hat + hair♪
The spare time still come to a hoping customer by all means at time.
A place is 2F. Please use by teleporter from 1F.

お店は こちら♪
:::**Ray Skin**:::


New work *Garden*

All New clothes are installed in 2F.
plz use up to 2F Teleporter.

:::**Ray Skin**::: *Garden*

"Gardening" is a main concept this time.
I even created a bottom with the design of the whole in the
motif of a flower from the top.I prepared *~Air~ Garden*
with the original design (straw hat with a hair) for this
*Garden* package exclusive use.It's the design added to the
color of clothes.The equipped type for gardening
"WateringCan" and the back are pretty all together! ?,
"neko backpack" is bundled."WateringCan" has put 2 types of
animation.If it's general AO, condition walking of equipment
is possible.
A particle of water is actuated by a touch.It becomes
off by a touch once again.

お店は こちら♪
:::**Ray Skin**:::


New Color & 3LuckyBoard

*CandyGirl* has released the other day in a new 3Color Added.
It according to the 3LuckyBoard exhibited.
This time I tried to vivid color!
Each 5min interval is around.
Location as well as the last counter map
west(W) on the West side of Department of hair.
Customers please by all means go ahead.

*Candy Girl*に新しい3色を追加して、

お店は こちら♪
:::**Ray Skin**:::


New work :::CandyGirl:::

New 9 clothes & 1LuckyBoard.
Basic concept is "Jeweled clothes"
Image of *white day* candy jewelry tried to embed
clothes everywhere.
Even in the gorgeous little casual. Is a set of jacket & bottom.
Color is *pastel*9colors.
As a bonus item with hair jeweled Hat and *Jeweled Neko Doll*
& *gem jacket*.
Products from the front entrance right
Interior and hair hair corner.

お店は こちら♪
:::**Ray Skin**:::


Mission of Valentine

A basic concept is *patissier* of a sweets major.
Not something exaggerated but imagined and made Sean
Girls making chocolate while fighting desperately
to the kitchen in a house.

New clothes *MoV*6line and
new hair *~Air~09* & *~Air09~ Valentine* was set up in the shop.
Together Luckyborad :::emery::: were established in the store.

お店は こちら♪
:::**Ray Skin**:::


Store Renewal & Group Gift

A store was remodeled this time.
A new group gift ~Air~07 Maxi *wine*was installed in the store
according to the store
remodeling.When being leisure, please come to the store
by all means.

お店は こちら♪
:::**Ray Skin**:::


New Year Group Gift

A happy New Year 2010!

Information of :::**Ray Skin**::: Group Gift.
~Air~07 *Maxi* (mithran) Group Limited.

07 released last year was changed to the maxi type.
In side is also changed to "maki~maki curl".
Resize script internal organs and a color are only *mithran*.
A vender has been established in front of the map north side
and in the store.
Please have the customer you want by all means.
Active after group(*Ray Skin*) admission, and click and get♪.


お店は こちら♪
:::**Ray Skin**:::http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zorin/64/212/21